How to Prepare Meat for Smoking?

Smoking meat is the process of cooking it low and slow. Smoking basically keeps the meat as far away from the heat as possible. Back in the day, it was just a method to keep the meat fresh for a longer time. Nowadays, we have much better ways of keeping meat fresh but still, people just love smoking their meat. Smoked meat has a unique, rich and smoky flavor. It also makes the meat juicy and tender. Many newbies in the barbecue world are skeptical about trying to smoke meat on their own. They believe this is a task best left to the experts. However, while smoking meat does take a substantial amount of time, this is far from the truth. Whether you’ve just bought your very first grill or you are a pit master, smoking meat is one cooking technique that you can easily master with a few pointers.

The very first and most important step to succulent, perfectly smoked meat is the preparation of the meat. If you get this process just right, you are almost guaranteed to end up with tasty and tender smoked meat. Keep reading for some tips on how to prepare your meat for smoking.

The quality of the meat you are working with plays a big role in the final dish you end up with. Make sure to opt for the meat of the highest quality available to you. Generally, meat with generous “marbling” running through it is the kind you should go with. Marbling refers to the bands of fat running through the meat. It makes the meat much more tender, succulent and tasty. So if you manage to procure a cut of meat with a lot of marbling, you’re well on your way to perfectly smoked meat.

While the process of smoking itself confers an amazing and rich flavor to the meat, you can always enhance this flavor by way of rubs, brines or marinades. While it isn’t completely necessary to carry out this step, it adds extra flavors to the meat and if you choose the right rub, it would even enhance the flavor of the meat. Rubs are usually a combination of sweet and spicy elements and can even be tangy sometimes. It all depends on the meat you are smoking and your personal preferences. The mixture should be rubbed into the meat and allowed to sit for some time before smoking. To make sure your meat stays juicy and moist; you can also brine or marinate it overnight or just for a couple of hours. For best results, make small cuts in the meat before marinating it as this helps the meat to soak it in.

The final tip to keep in mind before you begin the process of smoking is to make sure your meat is completely thawed out. If you just took the meat out of the refrigerator, soak it in water to make it thaw quickly. Bringing the meat down to room temperature before you begin smoking it is vital. This ensures that the meat will be cooked evenly.

Follow these rules while prepping your meat and you are sure to end up with tender, succulent smoked meat.

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