Reverse sear steak on your electric smoker

I’m tired and I’m hungry, I don’t have much energy and I can’t eat something which isn’t yummy I really need something which tastes amazing and it’s 1 in the morning but I want something which is easy to make and doesn’t take much time. You know what? The answer is reverse sear steak, I love steak and they are really easy to make, you can make them whenever you feel hungry and to be honest I can’t live without meat. My parents, they are vegetarian but I m not and I don’t even like the concept of being a vegetarian now that I have shifted to my own flat I can eat meat all the time, I miss them but I love meat a lot and I love spicy, we don’t even need to add extra spice to steaks.

You will need-

  1. Rib eye steak
  2. top electric smoker recipes
  3. Pepper
  4. Salt


  1. Sprinkle pepper and salt on your steak.
  2. Place your steak covered with pepper and salt, place it on the top of your smoker’s rack.
  3. Cover your rack with a layer of foil.
  4. The temperature must be 275 degrees and use a thermometer to check the internal temperature as it must be 125 degrees.
  5. Remove from your smoker and then let it rest for about 15 minutes.
  6. Take an iron skillet and put it over medium heat.
  7. Add oil to your skillet and put the hard sear side on the skillet.
  8. Remove it and serve it simply.

By the way, this paragraph is for all the vegetarian out there, you can make the same dish but in place of steak, you can use potatoes and soya. I don’t hate vegetarians, why would I? my entire family is full of vegetarians and when I write about steak I feel like writing about vegetables also so do one thing peel potatoes and place them in the place of steaks. You know steaks are great you guys should also try them I m not forcing but there is no harm in trying something new, by the way, you can add lemon juice to your recipe and with your potatoes use skewers, use the metal one because if you use bamboo one you would need to soak them and I don’t want to increase your workload.

Don’t put a lot of oil, use some oil not much not less. Heard about optimum level? Fair enough that’s the right amount of oil that you need to use, don’t forget to keep a check on the internal as well as on the external temperature. Temperature needs to be perfect because if it won’t be your food can either be overcooked or can be undercooked so make sure that the temperature stays perfect, just perfect and perfect amount of temperature is 250 degrees and the perfect internal temperature is 125 degrees.

I’m closing this article with one of my suggestions, try everything that you get in life. I’m just not talking about food I’m in general talking about everything in life, trying is great keep trying and for sure keep eating.

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